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The Spa Overview

A Luxurious Experience

Krysten Organic Esthetician is a sanctuary with a modern and environmentally friendly edge, committed to bringing renewal, relaxation, rejuvenation, beauty, and well-being. From the scent of organic oils, herbs and spices to the sound of peaceful music, the sensory details that make up the spa helps transport you to a realm of peace and tranquility and prepare you for healing.


All the essential elements, including a soothing ambiance, impeccable service and experienced therapists are blended together with the finest organic ingredients making us a regular destination.  All this reflects our commitment to purity, effectiveness, and the highest quality personal care and environmentally sustainable practices.


With every treatment, you are making an investment not only in yourself but your community as well. Take a trip to your place of inner harmony.  Thoughts of the outside world melt away from the moment you enter our doors. Your organic relaxation experience awaits you!

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